Submitting photos for the Friends’ 2023 Calendar of Richmond Park

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Submitting photos for the Friends’ 2023 Calendar of Richmond Park

Guidance, Terms and Conditions

We are delighted to say that the 2022 calendar had record sales and raised over £10,000 for projects in the Park, and we are very grateful to all who donated their photos.

We now invite photos for the 2023 Calendar, which will show the amazing diversity of fauna and flora and views in the Park across the seasons. Each photographer may send in up to eight photos, but not more than four from any one season – winter, spring, summer, autumn.

Our closing date is Sunday 1 May 2022.

The address for your photos and all correspondence is

It’s only Walter and Vivienne at this end receiving and sorting your photos, so we really need you to help us by sending your photos in the following way (and many thanks as nearly all submissions were sent in this way last year).

  • Please rename each photo or photo file in the following manner:

Month taken in number, surname of photographer, name of subject.

e.g. a photo of a little egret taken in July by me would be: 7-Press-littleegret. If you have more than one of the same subject in the same month, then just add a number at the end e.g. 7-Press-littleegret-2

  • Please also email me a list of the photos, named as above. 

If you have difficulty in renaming photo files, worry not, but please email me a list of the existing file names or numbers along with the new names as above.

  • Please send your photos as low or high resolution JPEGs (as they came off the camera).
  • You can send me your photos is two ways:
    • As an email attachment to Please do not send photos in the body of an email,
    • I recommend sending by We Transfer:  (This is easy to use and free up to 2GB!)
  • Please say how you would like to be attributed if we choose your photo e.g. your name or your name plus a social media or web address.

Your photograph may be printed in a large or a small size, depending on how the design works out and there is no fee, but we will credit each photo.

Please ensure and confirm that your photos were taken in Richmond Park and that photos of deer were taken from a distance of least 50 yards.

All photographs submitted must be the photographer’s own work, and to which they own the copyright. Copyright for all submitted images remains with the photographer who sent them in.

In submitting photos for the calendar, each photographer gives their permission to the Friends of Richmond Park to feature any of the photos, with accreditation, in any of their publications and communications. 

We look forward to receiving your photos

Walter Esser and Vivienne Press