Two buildings are going up just outside Roehampton Gate. Both 42 Roehampton Gate and 142 Priory Lane are large houses (the latter was sold for £15 million in 2016 and the house has been demolished with a three-storey 6-bedroom dwelling being built in its place). Wandsworth Council gave planning permission in 2016 and 2018 respectively, in spite of the Friends objections on the grounds that that both houses would be ‘a dominant and intrusive element in views from the Park’ and that there would be substantial light pollution.

Recent photos of the construction, and the light pollution from 42 Roehampton Gate when the builders left all the lights on overnight, show our concern were well founded.

The two  developments add to a list of inconsiderate buildings over the last ten years, for example near Petersham Gate and between Sheen and Roehampton Gates, that benefit the owners from overlooking the Park but adversely affect views out of the Park, add to the urbanisation of the Park’s fringes, and increase light spillage into what ought to remain a relatively dark area.

The photograph, left, shows the construction underway, with 42 Roehampton Gate the modern building through the trees to the left of the gate and gatehouse and 142 Priory Lane being the white portacabins beyond the red car (which is going through the gate).

The two dark photos below show first the light coming from 42 Roehampton Gate (with the street lights outside the gate on the far right) in a photo taken from the road inside the park and second the complete darkness in the opposite direction, taken from the same spot. The contrast is stark.