New! Walks with Remarkable Trees – Set 2

Now exclusively available from the Visitor Centre

Our Walks with Remarkable Trees are 2.2 – 5.3 km long. Set 2 walks start from the southerly car parks in the Park. Set 1, with walks from the northern car parks, is still available and has been very popular – we have received lots of excellent feedback; ‘Brilliant, well written, superbly laid out, good levels of information.’

  • Walk 5  Field Maple Robin Hood Gate car park 5.3km
  • Walk 6  Eleven Woods Pen Ponds car park  5.1km
  • walk 7 Giant Redwood  Broomfield Hill car park  3.4km
  • Walk 8 Medieval Oaks Kingston Gate car park  4.3km

Plastic free cover, packed in an attractive and sturdy string and washer envelope. Buy at the Visitor Centre, by Pembroke Lodge car park. The Visitor Centre is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 1.0pm to 4.0pm. We hope to return to our usual 7 day opening soon!

£5 per set of 4 walks.