Remarkable Tree Guides set 1.


Richmond  Park  Walks  with  Remarkable  Trees

You  can  now  buy  the  first  and  second  sets  of  our  very  popular  self-guided  tree  walks here online,  for  delivery  by  post,  for  £5  each  set + p&p.   CLICK HERE to ORDER

Discover the diversity and majestic beauty of some of the Park’s most interesting trees and also have a good walk in areas you may not otherwise get to see. All the walks are circular routes starting from a car park and between 2 and 5km long. Each walk is in its own easy-to-use 12-page booklet with many helpful photos.  

We have received lots of excellent feedback: ‘Brilliant, well written, superbly laid out, good levels of information’.

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Remarkable Tree Guides set 2.