29 April - Spring Bird Count

                                                          Photo: Green woodpecker by Russell Ritchin


The Park’s Bird Recording Group is organising a “Spring Bird Count” on Saturday 29th April.


There will be four formal groups, starting from the following car parks/locations at 8.00 am:

  • Kingston Gate car park (led by John Corkindale)

  • Roehampton Gate car park (led by Sue Leigh)

  • Sheen Gate car park (led by Peter Burrows Smith)

  • Ladderstyle Gate (led by Phil Davies)

They will be walking pre-set routes to cover the whole park and hopefully all the potential bird species; then meeting up at the Pen Ponds coffee kiosk mid to late morning to compare notes and make the final count (69 for 2016 and 72 for 2015).

If you would like to join them, just turn up at one of the locations.