Tree Walks

Header photo by Peter Dench

Richmond Park Walks with Remarkable Trees

2 sets of 4 walks

With our latest set of 4 walks, there are now 2 sets of self-guided walks to choose from –‘Richmond Park Walks with Remarkable Trees’.

Available now at the Visitor Centre: FRP Visitor Centre or they can be bought from our online shop FRP Shop for delivery by post.

All the walks are circular routes starting from a car park and between 2.2 and 5.3km long. Each walk is in its own easy-to-use 12 page booklet, and the 2 sets of 4 walks are on sale now for £5 per set at the Visitor Centre by Pembroke Lodge car park.

Trees are one of the glories of the Park and one of the main reasons why it is a designated National Nature Reserve. The purpose of these walks is to allow you to find out more about the trees and also to have a good walk in areas you may not otherwise get to see. Each walk features a detailed route map and is set out in stages with clear directions to the next stage and information about the trees you will see along the way, as well as many high-class photos to help you identify them.

The walks are printed on FSC certified paper and the set, which also includes an introductory leaflet and a Tread Lightly leaflet, comes in a sturdy string and washer envelope - this will keep them safe and enables us to sell them without a plastic cover.


1. Download a GPX reader from your app store and then you can follow the route on Google maps.

2. On your mobile, click to download these GPX files:

Tree Walk Maps 1-4

Tree Walk Maps 5-8

The files contain maps of each of the  Tree Walks. When you click on each downloaded file, you will see the map.


Number               Name of walk                    Starting/finishing            Distance   ______________________________________________________________________________


Walk 1                   Royal Oak                            Visitor Centre,                      4.0km

Walk 2                   Mighty Cedars                   Visitor Centre,                      2.2km

Walk 3                   Wild Black Poplar            Sheen Gate Car Park         4.1km

Walk 4                   Water Willows                  Roehampton  Car Park     5.0km


Walk 5                  Field Maple                         Robin Hood  Car Park        5.3km

Walk 6                  Eleven Woods                    Pen Ponds Car Park            5.1km

Walk 7                  Giant Redwood                 Broomfield Hill Car Park  3.4km

Walk 8                  Medieval Oaks                   Kingston Gate Car Park    4.3km       _______________________________________________________________________________

The Friends of Richmond Park are very grateful to the following people: Christopher Hedley for conceiving and developing the walks; Vivienne Press for design and production; Eric Baldauf, Ann Healey, Anne Ross and Paula Redmond for the photos, and; the volunteers who tested out the walks and made valuable comments, including Peter Camber, Margaret Delpy, Chris and Fiona Evans, Gail Farahini, Robin Hankins, Sandra and Andy Hucks, Rosie Leyden, Trevor Morris, Belinda Physick and Nigel Sherwin.