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Current volunteer openings

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities or want to know more about volunteering in general please get in touch with Sheila at: volunteers@frp.org.uk

Photo by Sue Lindenberg

Volunteering to help in one of our activities is a wonderful way to contribute to the Park.

1. Conservation Group

Conservation work is normally done on Saturday mornings from September to March. Volunteers plant trees, clear rhododendron and do general tidy up. It is physical work and volunteers should have a reasonable level of fitness.

Tools and training in their use will be provided.

2. Adopt an Area

Adopt an Area is a tidy-up scheme in which volunteers select an area of Richmond Park and help to keep it free from litter. If you would like to 'adopt'email litter@frp.org.uk.

3. Monitoring sports and charity events in the Park

Richmond Park hosts over 2000 sports and charity events every year with 1000s of participants and spectators visiting the Park. The three biggest events are an important source of revenue for The Royal Parks but clearly they need to be balanced sensibly with the needs of wildlife and habitat.

It falls to the FRP to provide reliable reports on how the larger events impact the Park; e.g. noise, litter, damage, conflict with deer and with other Park users. These reports help The Royal Parks decide whether to issue further event licences and provide feedback to event organisers.

We need 6 volunteers per event to monitor and report on what occurs from the Park’s viewpoint. Please note that this is not about confronting transgressors, but simply about taking notes and ideally photographic evidence. It can be a fun activity for the whole family if your children like playing Detective. Since the Park has a busy schedule of events it would be very helpful if volunteers could commit to monitoring 2 events per year.

If you would like to discuss this please contact volunteers@frp.org.uk.

4. Leading Walks

Walks are an important part of the Friends’ public work and we would welcome more walk leaders. You do not need to be an expert in wildlife, conservation or history; training and sources are available. Qualities required for leading walks include:

  • Ability to lead a walk for up to two hours (about 3 miles), but one hour walks are an option.
  • Confident in talking to people about the history of the Park, and/or the features of the Park, and/or nature subjects in the Park.
  • Notes and sources of this information is available from the current lead ers and publications.
  • No minimum number of walks per year, but three or more would be ideal.
  • "Understudying" one of the leaders on one of the monthly walks, to see if it appeals, is recommended.

5. Discoverers

We run a nature-related activity programme for young families, with 5-6 events a year and a team of 8 volunteers. We are thinking about setting up a Discoverers Facebook page to update participants and let them connect with each other. If you have relevant skills to help set up and manage this page, please get in touch.

Please note that for insurance reasons you have to be or Become a member of the Friends to work as a volunteer. Individual membership is £10 per year or family membership £15 per year. Contact discoverers@frp.org.uk