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Stop Heathrow's new plans that threaten to destroy Richmond Park. Join our "Save Richmond Park" campaign.

Heathrow Airport is planning to add up to 60,000(*) new flights a year over Richmond Park, as part of an airspace modernisation plan that threatens to destroy the peace and tranquility of London’s most important nature reserve.

The park is home to some of the capital’s rarest species and a haven for people and families seeking respite from the city.

The impact of the new flights over Richmond Park – up to 235 a day, one every 90 seconds at peak time - will be catastrophic, if Heathrow’s plans are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). (See the proposed flight paths short list report, Step 2B Initial Options Appraisal, which is available for download here: Heathrow shortlist report

Heathrow’s complete plans are published on the CAA’s airspace change portal at

The 60,000 new flights over the park threaten the thousands of rare species that live here, through harmful increases in noise and air pollution:

Birds of prey such as owls, kestrels and buzzards that use sound, and bats that use echolocation to hunt will be harmed by very loud aircraft noise, especially in the early morning and at dusk, posing a risk to their survival. (See the Civil Aviation Authority report The Effects of Aircraft Noise Pollution on Biodiversity )

Air pollution from aircraft emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) could, over time, severely damage the Park’s sensitive acid grassland and 1,200 veteran trees, which have existed for hundreds of years in an environment of very low nitrogen levels. Any decline will affect wildlife which depend on them, such as deer, rare fungi and stag beetles.

People too will suffer if increased aircraft noise is allowed to destroy the Park’s character. The 5.5 million people who visit the park each year value its calming effect on their wellbeing and mental health. This was highlighted during the pandemic, when visitor numbers rose dramatically.

(*) The figure of up to 60,000 new arrival flights a year over Richmond Park is calculated as the total number of arrivals per year at Heathrow (240,000) multiplied by the percentage of days when flights land toward the west due to the prevailing winds (70%) multiplied by the proportion of the planned arrival flight paths going over Richmond Park (16 out of 43 or 37%).

Read more about Heathrow’s plans and how they will affect the Park: Here

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