Did you know that there are eels in Pen Ponds, that a pair of kingfishers with a young brood can catch 100 fish per day or how to make an origami fish…in the rain?!
These are some of the facts and fun that Discoverers found out when they came to our event by Pen Ponds on Sunday 23rd April.  The weather was miserable, but we weren’t!

Susanna Ramsey and her Natural Collection of Richmond Park, see http://www.thenaturecollection.co.uk/, surprised everyone with facts and artefacts about fish.  Keith – our eel expert and his inflatable globe – delighted everyone with the fascinating, you might say ‘unbelievable’, story of eels and their journey around the world.  There was also plenty of coloured paper and Monique took both children and parents through the art of making a simple origami fish.  It was a bit of a challenge in the rain, with wet paper, but it was good fun and we did manage it!

Thank you for coming along and see you at our next outing in June, we will go looking for little owls at dusk…

Thank you also to all our volunteers without whom none of these events could take place.