Autumn  Tree  Photography  Competition  Results!

We are pleased to announce the results of the Friends’ Autumn Tree Photography competition. You can see the winning photos as well as the short and long listed photos here.


The WINNER is Cath Gothard, @cathgothardphotography, , with her image of a dramatic veteran oak surrounded by the mist and mellow tones of the autumnal wood.

The runner-up is a blaze of colour around upper Pen Pond entitled ‘The Beech and the Birch’ by Tammy Marlar, and  @tammymarlar

The 3rd placed photo is a veteran hornbeam with its bright autumn leaves by Nigel Attenborough

Congratulations to all three as well as to the short and longlisted photographers.

All photos are the copyright of the photographer.

Next year, we plan to hold the Spring Tree Photo Competition, which was postponed because of Covid – information on how to enter will be on this website, social media and members’  bulletins.


Cath Gothard

Runner up

Tammy Marlar

3rd Place 

Nigel Attenborough


Louise Beattie

Amanda Boardman

Cath Gothard

Melanie Kaveh

David Lloyd

Kevin Mills


Nigel Attenborough

Niel Barbour

Kate Bertaut

Amanda Boardman

Bernd Dombrowsky

Jegede Dombrowsky-Yemi

Melanie Kaveh

Dolores Mateo

Jane Mayes

Stefanie Ulrich

Chris Whaley