Picture of honey bee

Picture of honey bee


Sunday June 30th 2019  10:00 am – 12 noon

It’s a tough time for bees, and pollinators in general!

Five Discoverers families gathered in the Isabella Plantation to learn from two local bee keepers – Simon and Gill Silvester –about the busy lives of honeybees, and other bee species which we have in the UK. The big draw was the observation hive which they brought along, which made it possible to see at close quarters how honeybees live and organise. There was excitement when the queen was spotted – not an easy task amongst all her attendants, though her head had been marked with a green spot! The session also included a walk in the vicinity of the plantation to look for foraging bumblebees and solitary bees – not a lot to be seen that morning!

Below are some pictures of a fascinating event which we will definitely be repeating next year:

Honey Bee facts

Interesting Honey Bee facts.


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