How to submit photos for the Friends' Richmond Park 2024 Calendar

Header photo by Petra Mannooch-Riggs

photo by Will Coleman

© Arnaud Montagna


How to submit photos for the Friends' Richmond Park 2024 Calendar and Terms and Conditions

We now invite photos for the 2024 Richmond Park Calendar - our closing date is Monday 1 May 2023. Our calendar is very popular and raises substantial funds for projects in Richmond Park. We are very grateful to all who submit their photos. 

Please submit your photos of Richmond Park’s fauna, flora and views in the following way and  with a completed submission form. 

Please download the submission form in Word format from the link at the left (or above on a phone) and send this with your photos to either by email attachments or WeTransfer.

Asking you to fill in a form is new, as in previous years we have needed to go back to many of the photographers to find out all the information we need. It’s only volunteers Walter and Vivienne at this end receiving and sorting your photos, so please help us by filling in the form as best you can – and send us feedback to improve the form.

This is how to send us your photos:

1.  Send up to eight photos with not more than four from any one season.

2.   Send your photos as medium resolution JPEGs - between 2 and 10 MB

3.   Name your photos in the following format:

Month (number)-surname of photographer-subject

Example: Vivienne Press has a photo of a little egret taken in July.

So, the correct filename is: 7-Press-littleegret

or (7-Press-littleegret-2 if you have two of the same subject in the same month).  

4.  Please fill in the submission form on your computer/mobile and return via email as a word processing file, not a pdf. (Please don’t print it off and write on it) .  If you have any difficulty in renaming your photos for the file name, or finding out or altering their resolution, please don't worry about it but do fill in the rest of the form.  If you can’t fill in the form at all, please send all the information in your email.

5.  Send your photos and the completed submission form to: by email or by WeTransfer:  WeTransfer is easy to use and free up to 2GB.

If chosen, your photos may be printed in large or small size, depending on how the design works out. There is no fee, but we will credit each photo. Copyright for all submitted images remains with their photographer. In submitting photos for the calendar, each photographer gives their permission to the Friends of Richmond Park to feature any of the photos, with accreditation, in any of their publications and communications. 

We look forward to seeing your photos.

Walter Esser and Vivienne Press