Deer attacks in the Park

Photo by Karen Jennison

Uncontrolled  dogs  worrying  or  attacking  deer  in  Richmond  Park  are  a  serious  problem.

Each  year,  3-4  deer  are  killed  by  dogs  and  a  further  2-3  are  killed  by  cars  through  dog  involvement.


Following a recent dog attack, a Royal Parks spokesperson said:

“We can confirm that a deer was killed by a dog in Richmond Park just before the New Year. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Dogs are one of the leading causes of deer casualties in Richmond and Bushy Parks– both directly, by dogs biting deer and fatally injuring them and indirectly, by dogs giving chase and forcing deer onto roads and the path of oncoming cars.

We take the welfare of our deer very seriously. Our message is clear; if you cannot control your dog then ensure it is on a leash and keep your distance from deer. Otherwise owners will face prosecution.”

The Royal Parks give very clear guidelines to dog walkers on how they should handle their dogs in the park so that all may peacefully enjoy its facilities.

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Owners whose dogs chase deer, or wildlife, should be aware that they could face criminal prosecution.