Discoverers' Moon Watch 12 Nov

Moon Watch! See the "Super Moon"
Saturday 12th November

5.00 pm – 7.30 pm BOOK NOW!

Venue The Cambrian Community Centre
              – and Richmond Park

Meet Earth’s nearest neighbour and take a Lunar Tour with Dr Robin Scagell – writer and broadcaster on astronomy.

Facts for the Moonstruck

This November’s Full Moon is a Super Moon and closer than at any time since January 1948
In July 1609 in Syon Park near Richmond, an Englishman Thomas Harriot, drew a map of the Moon through his telescope, predating Galileo by several months.

A month or ‘moonth’ is the time taken by the Moon to go through a phase cycle – approximately 30 days.

Each month’s Full Moon has a special name – e.g. November is the Beaver, Frosty or Hunter’s Moon

A Blue Moon is the second Full Moon occurring within the same calendar month

The Moon is moving away from Earth at a rate of a few centimeters each year!

In Mediaeval Europe some people believed that human beings could turn into werewolves at Full Moon.

Event Details

We will be led by Dr Robin Scagell. Robin is Vice President of Britain's Society for Popular Astronomy and a life-long stargazer. He also runs Galaxy Picture Library. This is one of his pictures of a 12 day old Moon – as we should be able to see it.

Please request places on our event registration page no later than Monday 7th November.

This event is free and open to both members and non-members of FRP.

If the event is overbooked, priority will be given to FRP members.

Families are welcome to join at a cost £15.00 (annual subscription).

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