Field Mushroom
Field Mushroom

Fly Agaric

Fungi and the Wood Wide Web

10.30 am – 12.30 pm on Sunday 17th November

Note: Discoverers events are for families with school age children.
This event is based at the Holly Lodge Centre in Richmond Park.

Explore the mysterious Kingdom of the Fungi with fungus expert Janet Bostok
Discover the underground internet and the complex network of fungi, roots and bacteria connecting trees and plants to one another.

Booking deadline Sunday, 10th November

This FREE event is open to non-members of FRP but members will get priority if the session is over-subscribed.

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What are Fungi?


Fungi are Nature’s recyclers and Autumn is the season when they are at their best!

Richmond Park’s most ancient trees are home to some rare fungi and over 400 species in all. They are a crucial part of the Park’s ecology and an essential source of food and habitat for some animals and insects. This is why they should be left undisturbed and not removed from the Park.

Did you know?

  • A honey fungus in the USA is the world’s largest organism. It covers 3½ square miles (that’s about 9 square km.) and is thousands of years old
  • There are over 1½ million species of fungus
  • Some are important in medicine e.g. in the production of antibiotics
  • A fungus is an essential ingredient in bread and beer-making

Fungi have some amazing names

  • Chicken of the Woods
  • Beefsteak fungus
  • Jelly ear
  • Stinkhorn
  • Yellow Brain
  • King Alfred’s cakes

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