A new set of gates has been unveiled in the Park, marking the tercentenary of St Paul's Cathedral. The gates have been erected where the sightline from King Henry's Mound's to St Paul's cuts through Sidmouth Wood. The sightline itself has been in existence since the 18th century and is now a protected view. 

The gates have been given by the Goldsmith family in memory of Edward Goldsmith, elder brother of Sir James Goldsmith and uncle of Zac Goldsmith. Edward Goldsmith was an influential environmentalist, founder and publisher of The Ecologist magazine. The title of his book The Way forms part of the gates' design.

The gates were designed and made by Joshua De Lisle, who won the design competition as a 19-year-old while still in college training to be a blacksmith. His design echoes both the natural setting of the Park and St Paul's classical architectural forms. It incorporates a wren sitting low down in oak foliage, an allusion to Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of St Paul's. A robin sings from the opposite branch.