‘Let’s Discover Trees and their Wildlife’ is a children’s booklet that was created by The Friends of Richmond Park in 2021.  Written for children age 7-11, our booklet enables children to identify the four trees that account for 70% of all the trees in the Park.  It is packed with activities and invites the children to explore and observe the trees and their wildlife.

They can discover what lives in and around the trees; work out how old and how tall a tree is and how far its roots reach out; look at the trees’ bark structure and colour; and learn about the existence of fungi, mosses and lichens.

There is plenty of space for them to make their own notes on the pages and they may be the initiation to a more substantial personal Nature Journal.

Their exploration is made all the more fun thanks to colourful illustrations and Olly the little owl who is hiding on every page.


Watch our new 5-minute film from the launch event which took place in Spetemebr 2021.


Let’s Discover!  Trees and their wildlife in Richmond Park

£1.50 from the Visitor Centre by Pembroke Lodge car park.  Please note that the Visitor Centre only accepts card payments. 

Here is an example of the pages about the beech tree.