On Friday 14th June and Friday 21st June, in the evening, Discoverers came out to try and find little owls in the Park. We knew where to look: they love to perch on dead branches from which they have a clear view and swoop down to catch a prey (beetle, mouse, vole etc).  Little owls are diurnal (they are busy during the day), unlike other owls like the Tawny Owl, which can also be found in Richmond Park but which is nocturnal (out at night). So, we were hopeful…Unfortunately, it was a bit too cold on the 14th so we did not see any. It was warmer on the 21st and Monique had seen one at 5pm, in full view, but a cold wind had picked up by the time we met up at 6:30pm and they had returned to their tree holes, keeping warm. At least now, if you came along on our outings, you know where to look!

I do wonder what they do when the summer is as wet as we are having now! It can’t be easy to find food.

We had a lovely time looking for the little owls, even if they were elusive. Let’s try again soon!

John S., birdwatcher and terrific photographer has some photos he is happy to share with us:







Little Owls, lovely shot in flight, notice the stripy feathers, you may have come across some of them on your walks. They are well camouflaged, as you can see.


Tawny Owls can also be spotted in the Park but they are not as abundant as the little owls and not as easy to spot!

Daytime is sleep time for tawny owls!