NEW Collapsible

Clever collapsible, reusable cups now on sale at the Visitor Centre – just £7.80 each. (Usually sold elsewhere at £10.00 or more.)

A 12oz/355ml cup for coffee/hot drinks that collapses into a completely sealed, leakproof 3.5" x 2" disc, easy to carry in your pocket or bag, is avaiable in five colours from the Park Visitor Information Centre by Pembroke Lodge. 

The 'Stojo' cup consists of 3 parts that can be easily dismantled for washing/dishwashing and when reassembled, they create a liquid tight seal. 

Most importantly, you can play your part in helping to protect the environment and reduce litter in Richmond Park. Made from safe, recyclable silicone and polypropylene, the cup contains no harmful phthalates or glues and reduces the use of the  environmentally damaging disposable cup.

Disposable paper cups are usually lined with polyethylene which makes them virtually non-recyclable; 99% of all 2.5 billion disposable cups used in the UK each year are NOT recycled. 

Why not pick one up when you're next passing the Visitor Centre? They're an ideal gift and you're helping to protect the environment!

All profits go towards the preservation and conservation of Richmond Park.