New  FRP  film  says  NO  to  flight  paths

Richmond Park visitors say resounding “No” to new Heathrow flight paths

A new short film by Friends of Richmond Park shows interviews with a cross section of visitors all of whom roundly reject the prospect of proposed new flights directly over the Park. From psychologists to picnickers, walkers to bird watchers, cyclists to families just enjoying a day out, Park visitors across London are appalled that the flights – including low and loud arrivals for the first time in its 400 year history – will shatter the Park’s peace and tranquillity.

Watch the 3 minute film and have your say to Heathrow about their plans that will spoil London’s quietest National Nature Reserve – Richmond Park.

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Have  your  say…

Heathrow’s latest consultation has a Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR). The Friends has analysed it as it affects Richmond Park and it’s completely inadequate. Please help us by using the following wording or your version of it in the space provided for responses.

“My response is about the treatment of Richmond Park in the PEIR environmental section of the consultation and is based on reading analysis of what PEIR contains about the Park. Richmond Park is one of London’s great treasures, a haven for wildlife and an escape for Londoners from the noise and bustle of the city. It’s an NNR, SSSI, European SAC and Grade 1 listed landscape. 

The PEIR assessment is a mess and woefully inadequate. Richmond Park is only partially covered, with some glaring omissions. Some results are just not credible, such as the increase in noise from the new 47/hour arriving flights or the assessment that the impact on the Park’s tranquillity will be negligible or slight. And the methodology is biased against large open spaces like Richmond Park. 

The expansion proposals will have a devastating on the Park’s wildlife and visitors’ physical and especially mental health. Heathrow has to do a proper full Environmental Impact Assessment of Richmond Park for the planning enquiry next year so that the Planning Inspector has all the relevant material for such an important decision”  

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Thank you for your support in our Heathrow campaign!  

The Friends would also like to thank everyone who volunteered to help make the film and those who were interviewed, including the people we interviewed who do not appear in the final version.