Photo by Jamie Gould 

26 March 2020   

TRP  tightens  rules  and  urges  visitors  to  comply – or  Park  may  close   

The Royal Parks (TRP) have further restrictions on the use of all Royal Parks to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Isabella Plantation and Pembroke Lodge Gardens are closed.
  • All public toilets are closed

For dog walkers:  

  • All dog walkers must keep dogs on leads.

For runners, TRP say “please can all joggers take extra care to:

  • Stay 2m+ from other park users and each other
  • Run alone or with a single companion from your household – no groups

For cyclists, TRP say “please:

  • Stay 2m+ away from others
  • Stick to designated cycle routes
  • Respect the speed limit and other park users
  • Don’t race or spit

TRP also say: “Work together or we will have to close the parks to cyclists

TRP also make it clear about the restrictions that: “These are rules and not recommendations. With your help we can keep the parks open for everyone who needs them”.

The  above  restrictions  are  in  addition  to  those  already  issued:

  • All the Park’s roads are closed to cars; the gates remain open for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • All cafes and kiosks are closed
  • All playgrounds are closed.
  • While most toilets are open and free of charge in order to provide visitors with hand washing facilities, some may be closed because of shortage of staff and supplies
  • The Visitor Centre, the Park Office and the Holly Lodge Centre are closed
  • All organised sporting activities have stopped, including Park Run
  • All Royal Parks-run education and volunteering activities have stopped; this includes the Isabella walks and Volunteer Rangers

 The Friends have also stopped or curtailed our activities:

  • We have stopped all our formal volunteer activities; this includes the Visitor Centre, practical conservation, Adopt-an-Area litter picking and Discoverers.
  • Our AGM on 18 April has been postponed until the autumn and there will be no Saturday morning talks until further notice.
  • We have cancelled our normal monthly walks and the planned Year of the Tree tree walks
  • We have postponed our Spring Photography Competition until next year, and will decide on the Summer and Autumn competitions nearer the time.

Please pass this on to friends and neighbours who use the Park and post it on your social media; it is vital that we get out the message. For more information, go to:

Please  observe  the  social  distancing  guidelines  so  that  Richmond  Park  remains  open.