Photo at left: Beverley Brook December 2022 (c) Amanda Boardman




An early touch of winter

12th December 2022 (c) Nigel Jackman

We wait with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation to see what our weather will bring us this year amid the uncertainties of climate change. On the morning of 12th December 2022, however, visitors to the Park were met with as traditionally reassuring and pleasurable a seasonal sight as could be imagined, a white and wonderous winter wonderland. Snow draped every branch and bough, snow clung like ivy to tree trunks, and the bracken and grass were blanketed. Every pond was frozen and the sense of a December of old prevailed.

Improvement works planned in Richmond Park

Various works are planned in Richmond Park over the next few months.

From January to March there will be roadworks across the park. New pedestrian crossings and traffic management measures are being introduced to improve safety and accessibility.

Temporary barriers and cones used during the traffic trial will be replaced with posts and fencing now that the traffic trial has ended and its restrictions made permanent.

Further path and restoration work is planned. This is designed to prevent loss of habitat as the path works should narrow the area on which people walk.

The Royal Parks will provide further updates here:

Upcoming works and enhancement projects – Richmond Park – The Royal Parks

Cath Gothard commended for Beverley Brook photograph

Congratulations to Cath Gothard who has been commended in the Black and White category of the Landscape Photographer of the Year awards for her photograph of Beverley Brook. and will feature in this year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year book.

More details and the photograph here:

Black and White 2022 Winners – Landscape Photographer of the Year (