Who and what might live in Richmond Park?

On Thursday 14th April, The Friends of Richmond Park Discoverers and Holly Lodge Education Centre joined forces again and put on a free event for children to show them what homes the animals in Richmond Park build at this time of year. Among other items, we had an extensive array of birds’ nests at our disposal and we could compare the materials and skills required by a robin or a song thrush.

Huge models of a yellow meadow ant, its symbiotic partner the aphid (symbiotic means they both get something out of the relationship!) as well as a stag beetle impressed all of us and everyone had the chance to build a nest of their own and fill it with chocolate Easter eggs. A very timely addition to all the beautiful creations we witnessed being made!




There were many questions asked and answered and the biggest ‘Wows’ were heard when children were given the opportunity to weigh a robin or a great tit’s nest in the palm of their hand:

“Wow! You can’t even feel it!” “It weighs nothing!” they said.

Once they had made their little nest the children then went off on a search for all the different items we had talked about such as lichens, moss, feathers and holes in old oak trees. Everyone also had a Nature Bingo Sheet they had picked up on arrival tom tick off as they went along.


It was a glorious sunny morning and although many people seemed to be away, those who could make it had a lovely time!


See you all at our next event: 1st May Birdwatching Nature Walk, to be followed by a 7.30am Dawn Chorus the following Sunday!