Photos for the 2018 Calendar

Calling for photos for Friends’ 2018 Calendar of Richmond Park

The 2017 calendar was very well received and raised a substantial amount for projects in the Park. We are very grateful to all who donated their photos and now invite photos for the 2018 calendar which will show the amazing diversity of fauna and flora and views in the Park across the seasons.

Our deadline is 13 April.

This year we have increased the maximum number of photos that each photographer can send in – it’s now up to 8 photos, but not more than 4 from any one season – winter, spring, summer, autumn. I love opening the photo files and being amazed by the images – so very much looking forward to receiving your emails.

It’s only me and my computer at this end receiving your photos and my first experience last year of producing the calendar showed me just how much work it is to sort out and keep track of the hundreds of photos that come in – and I don’t want to lose any!

So, I really need you to help me by sending your photos in the following way:

Please rename each photo or photo file in the following manner:

  • Month number,

  • surname of photographer,

  • name of subject.

e.g. a photo of a little egret taken in July by me would be: 7.Press.littleegret. If you have       more than one of the same subject in the same month, then just add a number at the end e.g. 7.Press.littleegret.2 .  If you have difficulty in renaming files, then please just list the existing file name in the body of the email along with the new names as above. 

Email your photos, listing your renamed photos in the body of the email, to me at:

Please send your photos as JPEGs, and either as attachments to emails or if possible at low resolution within the body of the email. For example, in Mac Mail choose “Medium” out of the options to send the photo at Actual Size, Large, Medium or Small; in Gmail, choose "best fit" out of small, best fit and original. However, if you can’t attach photos and your email can’t reduce them, then please don’t worry – just send them in!

In May or June, when we have chosen the photos for the calendar, we will ask for high-resolution images if you have sent reduced ones. Your photograph may be printed in a large or a small size, depending on how the design works out and there is no fee, but we will credit the photographer's name.

We welcome images of any Park subject, including the following:

  • Macros and close ups of insects and plants or parts of plants, pollinators pollinating!

  • Stunning views – to show the beauty of the landscape and the size of the Park (not views of London from the Park)

  • Portraits of trees and tree stumps

  • Small mammals

  • Birds

  • Pembroke Lodge gardens

The address for your photos and all correspondence is

With best wishes

Vivienne Press, Calendar Producer