The first book for children about the history of Richmond Park written by Pat Ealey

I learnt a lot about the Park and its history after 24 years at the Holly Lodge Centre.  So, after telling it as a story I decided to write it all down.  The fourth and final version is told by Gypsy a greyhound and it was great fun writing it through the eyes of the favourite dog of Charles I.

Tail wagging fun! The story of Richmond Park like you’ve never heard before. See the adventures unfold through the eyes of Gypsy the greyhound and her best friends Rogue the spaniel and Hop the cat. Flying wigs, floating newspapers, ghost dogs and a quirky, pompous princess! Come walkies through time with Gypsy.

A book for children aged about 8-9 years old, but full of fun-filled facts too for grownups. The foreword has been written by HRH Princess Alexandra and there are wonderful illustrations by Elaine Nipper (very appropriate name for a dog book!). It is on sale at the Visitor Centre in Richmond Park, The Open Book in Richmond and Pitshanger Lane Bookshop in Ealing. The price is £8.99.

Contact Pat at talkingink2@btinternet.com
Visit www.talkingink.co.uk for more information and the dog blog.