The Information Centre is now open – visitors welcome

The Richmond Park Information Centre, located adjacent to the car park at Pembroke Lodge, is now open. After the usual rush to get everything ready in time, we opened over the four days of the Easter weekend.

The Centre will be a focal point for telling visitors about everything that goes on in the Park, as well as providing information on the plants, trees, mammals, birds and the rest of the wonderfully varied wildlife. There are free information leaflets on many aspects of the Park life, and we also sell maps, guides, books and all the things you might expect in a well appointed Information Centre and Shop.

The Centre will open initially at weekends and Bank Holidays with a possibility of opening daily during August. It will be staffed and run by volunteers drawn from members of the Friends of Richmond Park, who are trained to operate the Centre in a fully professional manner.

Although we already have a large contingent of volunteers trained to work in the Centre, we shall need more, especially if we realise our aspiration to open throughout August, and should customer demand lead to extended opening hours. If you are interested in working as a volunteer at the Centre, you will be very welcome.

There is a training commitment, at present two days, which we hope to compress into a single day, held at Holly Lodge in the Park on weekdays. We are aware that some cannot make a weekday, and arrangements will be made soon for weekend training. Also, to be covered by insurance, volunteers must be members of the Friends of Richmond Park. That said, volunteers will have tea and coffee available in the Centre, and special prices at the Pembroke Lodge cafeteria and kiosk

If you e-mail your contact details to [email protected] we will respond with full information and next training dates