Sponsor an Elm - NOW SOLD OUT

There has been a tremendous response to this rare opportunity, and there are now no more trees remaining.


The Friends of Richmond Park, and The Royal Parks, have launched an exciting project to plant over 40 disease-resistant elm trees in Richmond Park.

Elm Walk will be a new avenue of trees along the path from Petersham Gate. The start of the Elm Walk will be marked with an elm tree presented by the Friends to Sir David Attenborough on his 90th birthday.

To make this project possible, we are offering you a rare opportunity to sponsor one of these special elm trees.

Each tree is available to sponsor at £1,750. As a sponsor, you will have an individual numbered tree, receive a commemorative certificate with your tree number and have your name or a short dedication on the sponsors' board at one end of the Elm Walk. You and your guests will also be invited to your personal planting completion ceremony in April or May 2018.

Elm trees have largely disappeared from the English landscape, and there have been no mature elms in Richmond Park, since most succumbed to Dutch Elm disease around the 1970s. With this conservation project we aim to help elms thrive again by planting disease-resistant trees in the Park. In time, we hope that this will also enhance biodiversity in the Park by attracting wildlife for which elm is a specific host.

For further details See the brochure
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The closing date for applications is 16 March*

If you have any further questions, please contact The Friends at: rpelmappeal@gmail.com

Ron Crompton
Friends of Richmond Park


Image: artist’s impression of the Elm Walk in 2028

* Please note that applications will only be accepted with payment. Successful applicants will be notified after the closing date. If the appeal is over-subscribed, successful applications will be chosen by ballot. See the terms & conditions with the application form for more details.