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                                       Views of St Paul's before and after skyscraper construction
                                       Patrick Eagar (left), Paula Redmond (right)


As reported in The Guardian, the Architects' Journal (non-subscription content limited), Richmond and Twickenham Times and many more media, a huge skyscraper is under construction destroying the protected view between King Henry's Mound in Richmond Park and St Paul's Cathedral. The view was meant to have been protected by and subject to the London View Management Framework (LVMF) but it appears that in 2011, GLA planning officers failed to follow the directives laid down by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and raised no objections. See our full press release.

We are now urging London mayor Sadiq Khan to:

  • at least temporarily halt the construction of the tower
  • urgently investigate how and why the proper planning protection was not implemented
  • investigate what actions can be taken to mitigate the destruction of the view
  • prevent construction of other buildings which will further destroy this and other protected views

If you love Richmond Park and this 300 year old protected view like we do, please sign our petition and urge your friends, colleagues and like-minded people to sign as well.

Thank you.

Ron Crompton
Friends of Richmond Park  

Here are some quotes from people who have signed the petition:

These heritage views are one of the reasons our borough is such a special place.
Kat P.

Have enjoyed this view for most of my life and my kids and grandkids too. Tourists flock to the park and enjoy seeing this bit of history!
Lorraine B.

The erosion of London its views and skyline by terrible architecture is something we should all stand up against. Would it happen in Paris, Rome or for that matter Washington D.C.

I grew up near Richmond Park, and enjoyed this view as a child. Others should be able to enjoy it in future.
Robert C.

For years I have wowed many foreign visitors with this view. Many developers have been told they cannot undermine this view so what back-room deal facilitated this.
alison f.

I just signed this petition because this is so wrong – nothing seems to matter where development wants to happen.
Elizabeth S.

Dont make London a City of high rises. Please protect some historical legacies where it gives pleasure to so many people now and I am sure in the future to come.
Anne M.

St Pauls is one of the main symbols of London. London is not just about high-rise housing.
Abigail M.

Protect this. What will they sell off next from our heritage?
Christopher C.

Planning rules not being adhered to and it is important to protect our country's heritage
Judy M.

If this had been someone building a house, they never would have allowed it, but businesses give nice back handers I. guess. Still shouldn't be one rule for Joe Bloggs and another for big companies, follow your own rules!
Elizabeth M.
Barrie C.

This is a disgrace and the GLA and the Mayor must be held to account and the building halted and dismantled.
Carol L.

Once that tower is built the view is destroyed forever and sets a precedence to continue building. It is/ was a beautiful vignette of London and should be persevered for future generations.
Amy B.

I signed this petition because I want to know why/how planning permission was granted without reference to the protected view – and whether the decision to grant permission was lawful. Even if it was I believe the protected view of the "clear sky background" should be restored. Surely this matters more than the construction of yet another high-rise, luxury "loft" development.
Donald P.

Careless builders and planners, if it's protected then it should stay protected. Full stop, no buts. There's a very good reason why it has been protected for centuries. Keep it that way.
Martina T.

It's a historic beautiful sight and its destruction is unnecessary, unfounded and obscene. Another example of tearing down the old to give way to modern trash.
Catherine O.