Swift fledgling reared successfully in new nesting box.

Hello Discoverers!
This is has not happened in Richmond Park but it is worth mentioning.  As you know swifts’ numbers are in decline and the RSPB has made great efforts to raise awareness that they need us and to show us how we can help them.  They will leave back for Africa soon, but here is some good news: a brand new nesting box and camera installed earlier on in the year, in East Putney was successful and a single chick took off on 25th July at dawn!  You can watch it happen on this recording, use this link:


For more information on the RSPB’s work in connection with swifts, see: https://www.rspb.org.uk/our-work/conservation/conservation-and-sustainability/safeguarding-species/swiftmapper/about-swifts/

So farewell swifts and please come back next year!