The number of Oak Processionary Moth nests has increased significantly again this year and they are now present throughout the Park.

The removal process started on July 2 and will continue for four weeks or so. The priority is areas close to spectators on the Olympic route but the entire Park will be covered. Yellow tags are being put on trees and you may see people in "space suits" on mechanical arms removing the nests.

OPM causes severe defoliation of oak trees and is also a health risk. The hairs carry a toxin that can cause unpleasant rashes, skin and eye irritations, respiratory problems and sometimes severe allergic reactions. Anyone experiencing symptoms should seek medical advice.

If you find caterpillars or their nests do not touch them and please warn children not to do so. The Royal Parks has put crates (wooden cages) around some trees to stop people getting too close. A factsheet produced by The Royal Parks gives more information and can be downloaded below.