The Geology of Richmond Park

Richmond Park Geotrail

The London Geodiversity Partnership


In an urban environment it is often difficult to ‘see’ the geology beneath our feet. This is also true within our open spaces. In Richmond Park there is not much in the way of actual rocks to be seen but it is an interesting area geologically as several different rock types occur there.

It is for this reason that the southwest corner has been put forward as a Locally Important Geological Site. We will take clues from the landscape to see what lies beneath. Richmond Park affords fine views to both west and east which will throw a wider perspective on the geology of London.


The route
The route described is a circular walk, about 7 km long, beginning and ending at the Kingston Gate car
park, open daily during daylight hours (toilets adjacent to the Gate). It conveniently passes Pembroke
Lodge, approximately half-way round which makes a good stopping place with refreshments and toilet
facilities. Part of the walk (near Pembroke Lodge) is on the Capital Ring and so if coming from the north
along the Capital Ring to Pembroke Lodge the early part of the walk can be taken in reverse towards
Kingston Gate, then in reverse the last part of the walk to Pen Ponds to re-join the Capital Ring to exit
Richmond Park at Robin Hood’s Gate.

See the Geotrail HERE