Tick bites & Lyme disease

We have reported, a number of times, of the need to be vigilant in checking your exposed skin and also your pets, after visiting the park, especially at this time of year. Here are two personal accounts of what could go wrong.  


"I got bitten in Richmond Park and undiagnosed/misdiagnosed for years. Now I'm learning how to live with a chronic disease, paying tons of money for a complicated treatment abroad and in everyday pain. Please be aware and use a spray. Spread the word. For more information visit the Lyme Disease Patient Support website at http://lymediseaseuk.com "(APH)


"I got bitten in Bushy Park and this disease went undiagnosed and has destroyed my life for a year. I haven't been able to work and I'm stuck at home the whole time, even though I have started treatment now. It's not an easy disease to treat! I wasn't even aware that London parks had ticks, so please spread the word and make sure you cover up and check your body for ticks after a walk. I'm sure my dog picked it up on his fur and passed it on to me." (CF)


Patient Support