Little Owls are a well known bird of Richmond Park.  This year’s brood has flown from the nest by now, but thanks to Discoverer Oliver and his dad, you can see a glimpse of what went on here:   Little Owl Movie

Here is the information that was given just before we set off for our evening walk:

Little Owl
(Athena noctua)

Can be seen in daylight

Loves to perch on old tree stumps.

Not native to the UK.

Introduced by two landowners at the end of the 19th century, in Southern England. Little owls in question were collected from The Netherlands.


  • Flat-toppped head
  • Plump compact body
  • Short tail
  • Mottled brown and white plumage: perfect camouflage.


  • Length 21-23cm
  • Wingspan 54-58cm (2 lengths of A4 paper)
  • Weight 140-220g


  • England and Wales
  • Few in Southern Scotland
  • Quite a few in Richmond Park!


  • Small mammals (mice, voles etc)
  • Birds
  • Beetles
  • Worms