Visitors to Pembroke Lodge will have noticed signs of building work around the entrance to Pembroke Lodge. The programme of improvements will take around twelve weeks and is expected to finish at the end of March. During this period the south side of the car park will be closed, reducing car parking capacity by half.

The project is funded by Transport for London Greenways programme. The aim of the project is to improve the entrance to the lodge from the car park which is heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists. By upgrading the materials and increasing the pedestrian/cycling space, the Royal Parks hopes there will be more circulation space for everyone.

Benches and cycle racks will be relocated, and the drainage of the area will be improved.As part of the project the accessible parking spaces at the front entrance to Pembroke Lodge will be realigned and surfaced in tarmac with marked out bays to improved access to Pembroke Lodge. You can see the details of the works and a drawing of the planned changes by downloading the pdf document below. There is more on The Royal Parks website here.

Work is also taking place to redesign the Pembroke Lodge Rose Garden, funded by the London Marathon Charitable Trust. The project will take around six weeks to complete and will create a better defined garden with new benches, a larger viewing area and new beds to showcase the roses. More on The Royal Parks website here.