Photo: Alex Lentati


The Royal Parks (TRP) has started to develop a new long-term ‘Movement’ Strategy, setting out how park visitors will move within, access and experience the parks in the future. It will cover all types of movement – walking, cycling, public transport, car driving etc.


They have issued a Discussion Paper which sets out seven Principles and are inviting comments on the Principles, any ideas you have for improving movement or indeed any other concerns you have are welcomed.

You can find the Discussion Paper and a feedback questionnaire on the Movement Strategy webpage or you can give your input via email to

The consultation closes on 14 July and we encourage you to participate in it, whatever your views are on speeding, through traffic, cycling, car parking, public transport etc. Please feel free to copy us ( ) on what you send TRP, as your input may be useful to include in FRP’s response to the Strategy. We will read every email but can’t promise to reply to every one!

The new Movement Strategy will  be launched later in the year.