Park After Dark

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Now complete – thanks to those who took part in this survey. Please let us know if you took part (wherever you were) and tell us how many stars you were able to see. The results we know of confirm that light pollution is very bad in Richmond Park.

Park news December 2018

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NEWS & information about the Park for December, what to see in the Isabella Plantation and dates for walks & talks

To build or not to build a DEN

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WHY BUILD A DEN? It is fun to do. WHY NOT? You are disturbing a habitat. LOOK under, on, in and around logs and branches lying on the ground. What plants, fungi and insects can you find using them as a home?

Follow the Isabella Trail

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The Isabella Plantation has undergone substantial improvement thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. There has been much clearing of invasive Rhododendron to give native species a chance to grow.

VC volunteers celebrated

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The annual celebration of the Visitor Information Centre saluted volunteers but had some sad news too