Photo: Sir David Attenborough in a clip from the trailer to our Richmond Park Film,

Quiz No. 8  –  History Buff,  the  last  in  our  series  of  Friends  of  Richmond  Park  quizzes  –  over 200 questions  in all,  to provide a little Lock-down  relief. We  hope  you  enjoyed  them.

A series of quizzes to test  your  knowledge  of  Richmond  Park,  its  wildlife,  history  and  generally  how  brilliant  and  special  it  is! 

Now  try  the  History Buff  Quiz!

The answers can also be found below, and we trust you not to look at them until you’ve done the quiz! 

Strictly not strict rules

There are no strict rules; the quizzes are ‘mark yourself’ honesty challenges….but you could compete among yourselves…!?  Most answers can be found on our website, or in our ‘Guide to Richmond Park’ book or in David Attenborough’s wonderful film, Richmond Park: National Nature Reserve. 

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Quiz 1.  9th  April  2020

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Quiz 5. Trees. 8th May 2020

Quiz 6.  Birds  14th May 2020

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Quiz 8.  History Buff  29th May 2020

Here are the answers. No peeping till after the quiz!

Answers  to  Quiz 1.  9th  April  2020

Answers  to  Quiz 2.  16th  April  2020