Let’s Discover Stories Booklet – October Launch


Olly the Little Owl is back! He and his family have lots to tell you about the history of the park in our brand new booklet. Launch with a trail and activities will take place over the weekend of 10th-11th August. Keep the date!

Let’s Discover Trees Booklet


Let’s Discover Trees booklet was created by the Friends of Richmond Park in 2021. Olly the little owl invites children to discover the trees of Richmond Park through activities which develop good observational and recording skills.

FRP Background Briefing on Heathrow and Richmond Park


Photo by Anne Ross   Heathrow  and  Richmond  Park This document is intended as a guide to the Heathrow expansion, including the new flight paths, their impact on the Park, and the various consultations Heathrow is undertaking. The source of many points, including the data and analysis, is given in the footnotes at the end.   1. Why  is  Richmond  …